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Marmite, what it is and what its properties are


The British love it, but outside the British borders it is little known: here is a spreadable cream with a very special flavor.

Marmite (the English pronunciation is [ˈmɑːmaɪt]) is a product based on beer yeast widely used in Great Britain, where they often consume it for breakfast or for a quick snack. It is a spreadable cream in vogue across the Channel, and there is an Australian variant – vegemite – which is even considered the national food. But, outside the British and Australian borders, this product is almost unknown . What is it about?

What is marmite: ingredients and history

Let’s start by saying that the translation of Marmite into Italian could be something like “brewer’s yeast extract”. It is a cream with a dark color and a strong smell, while as regards the taste of marmite, the flavor is rather strong and very salty , similar to a mix between soy sauce and broth. Its name derives from the French term which indicated a small terracotta pot in which the product was originally sold.

The cream was invented at the end of the 19th century, as a method to take full advantage of the beer yeast .

In 1902 marmite was born, which quickly became a fundamental food in England. Right from the start its evident energetic properties made it a food used in the army, and from that moment the cream has fully entered the homes of all the British.

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To prepare marmite only a few ingredients are needed: brewer’s yeast, salt and a mix of spices and herbs, including celery and onion. All this gives the cream a salty and extremely strong flavor, which is not easily appreciated .

The properties of marmite

The brewer’s yeast extract, the main ingredient of this food, is rich in B vitamins . For this reason, marmite is considered a natural tonic , to fill up on essential nutrients for our body.

In particular, the B vitamins are important for the development of the skeletal and muscular systems , but they also have positive effects on the nervous system. They decrease stress and a sense of tiredness, they also strengthen the immune system.

Recipes with marmite

The taste of marmite is not appreciated by everyone, especially for those who have not been used to consuming it since childhood. Typically, this cream is used on top of slices of buttered toast – to lighten its intense flavor.

However, there are those who combine it with many other foods: pizza, cheese, avocado , chicken and jams are just some of the possible combinations. In addition, marmite can be used as a sauce for soups and pasta dishes. In short, although the laymen seem impossible to consume it in all these ways, behind a simple jar of spreadable cream there is a real world!

Where to buy Marmite in Italy and how much it costs

The price of Marmite can vary from 7 to 15 euros per jar (euros plus euros less). As we said, this cream is widespread abroad, but also in Italy it is possible to find it in large supermarkets or in some food shops.

However, in case you are not so lucky, there is always the internet! You can buy it on Amazon and have it at home in a few days.

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