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Marseille soap: a thousand benefits for your hands and your face

Marseille soap: a thousand benefits for your hands and your face

Marseille soap is an ancient and completely natural detergent: let’s find out everything about its benefits!

Modern life has us using a lot of detergents for face, body and hair care. However, our grandmothers used a unique, completely natural and very delicate product: Marseille soap.

This soap takes its name from the French city of Marseille, where it was created in the 12th century. It is 100% natural and obtained from olive oil. Unlike most industrial soaps, this one does not contain animal fats. Marseille soap is mild and delicate, so it can be used on all skin types, with significant benefits.

Marseille soap: properties

sapone di marsiglia

If pure, this product is excellent for hand, face, hair and body cleansing, because it has soothing properties and respects the normal condition of the skin. Despite being gentle, it cleans the skin thoroughly.

In addition to the hygiene of the body, you can also use this soap for household cleaning and laundry, just as our grandmothers did.

Marseille soap: uses

This soap is perfect for your face, because it removes make-up residues, impurities and sebum, without drying your skin. It is suitable for people with normal or sensitive skin, but also for those who suffer from acne and pimples, because it has antibacterial properties, but it does not dry your skin too much, as sulfur soap does.

Thanks to these properties,you can also use it to wash your hands and your whole body. Many doctors also advise to use Marseille soap for intimate care, because it respects the Ph of these delicate zones and prevents infections.

In the past, people also used this product for washing their hair, but you should avoid it if yours is very long, because it may dry it and tangle it.


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