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Mask acne or maskne: everything you need to know


Discovering maskne, mask acne, and remedies to combat it or prevent its appearance.

The lockdown from Coronavirus has brought us stress , irregular diets and lack of exercise . In addition to these more common symptoms , also thanks to the new reopenings, and the ever-increasing use of masks , a new phenomenon is becoming more widespread, which is called maskne. In today’s article we will find out what is meant by this term and some remedies to counter this phenomenon.

Maskne: what is it?

From the union of the words mask (mask in English) and acne we obtain this particular term: maskne, mask acne.

Coronavirus mask
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Skin impurities were already on the rise due to stress and improper dietary regimens followed during the quarantine. However, an increase in the use of masks , due to the greater freedom to go out, was accompanied by a further jump in the number of people affected by this problem.

In fact, also thanks to the rising temperatures , the use of the masks causes irritation in the skin. At every movement (which also corresponds to a friction ) there is a risk of micro-injuries on the skin. The latter favor the ingress of bacteria or dirt, and cause inflammation .

The inflammations, usually localized in the points of the face where the mask is in direct contact with the skin, manifest themselves in different ways: small abrasions, white points, black points or small cysts.

The diet to follow

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of developing this phenomenon, renamed maskne, is to follow a proper diet .

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First of all, it is necessary to reduce (eliminate it would be incorrect, except for particularly serious cases) the quantities of foods that can promote inflammatory processes . These foods are milk (and derivatives), foods containing polyunsaturated fat , sweets or refined sugars, fried foods and alcohol.

At the same time, it is necessary to increase the consumption of foods that favor opposite processes, and help fight the presence of acne (and therefore of maskne). So eat more fruits and vegetables and increase your consumption of whole foods . Legumes and fatty fish , such as salmon, if accompanied by a light dressing, can be your friends in this case. Meats also help fight acne: as long as they are thin. It is also important to drink lots of water .

Maskne: the skin routine to follow

In case of skin problems related to the use of the mask, it is possible to follow some precautions, a sort of skin routine , which will limit the risk of developing the maskne.

First, washing your face is essential. Remember to do this both before and after using the mask. Also, avoid touching your face with your hands , except after a thorough washing.

It is also important to use a cleaning product daily, which helps to get rid of bacteria that cause irritation and inflammation. Particularly useful to apply the detergent before wearing the personal protective equipment. It is also good to remember that the mask must also be cleaned .

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