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Masked nights! Trendy sleep masks: from those signed to models to customize

Pink night mask

Restful, relaxing but also a lot of fashion! The night mask is back, and Chiara Ferragni’s hand is also behind the trend.

An indispensable accessory to ensure a deep, relaxing and undisturbed sleep from any luminous threat as the protagonists of American films teach us, where from teenagers attentive to every beauty device to career women like Carry Bradshaw or Ally McBeal, no renunciation of the night mask . And now that Chiara Ferragni also posted it recently, we can officially announce that the fabric sleep mask trend has just returned!

Night mask to customize: Chiara Ferragni’s unique and original model

In recent times we have always looked at the term mask with a certain diffidence, in a mixture of hate and love, as it should be in a time of pandemic where this tool is a device that protects us but at the same time has not generated few problems. if we think of the lipsticks that are no longer used and the irritations that blossomed on the most sensitive skin. But since Chiara Ferragni’s ability is to turn everything she touches and chooses into gold and think positive , this year let’s focus on night masks, an often forgotten accessory that can prove invaluable for our sleepy and beauty routine !

In fact, Ferry recently posted a nice night mask personalized with her own eyes, a model that she had little Vittoria present and wear in a post , thus reminding many of us of those masks that we have seen many times or buy and never put. And if you don’t have one yet, you can choose to personalize it with a print or buy a new one, also perfect as a gift idea.

Sleep mask: colorful, imaginative and signed, the trendy models

Do not underestimate the sleep mask therefore, which can also prove to be a perfect gift idea to amaze your best friend, aunt, mother or even grandmother. Accessory that has no age, its benefits are more than you can imagine: it is precious in fact to give the skin greater relaxation of the periocular area, improve sleep and preserve the youth of the skin .

– Definitely chic, refined, soft and delicate is the pink model with a shiny pearly effect by Sephora, from the Slipsilk line: a classic and fashion model, perfect for those who do not like too whimsical accessories but seek the maximum effectiveness according to the motto of less is more. If, on the other hand, for you the night rhymes with fairy tales and dreams, then a multicolor unicorn model will win you over at first glance, which you can find in four different multipack models on Amazon .

Unicorn Sleep Mask
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– And for those who do not want to give up the elegance of the designer night mask, Versace with its medusa and a two-tone black and gold, and Emilio Pucci with the lightness of its floral touches, patterns and geometries, also satisfy those who do not give up on high fashion not even in nightwear, of course in pure silk.

Versace sleep mask
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