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Masks: incorrect use can cause conjunctivitis


Among the problems related to improper use of personal protective equipment there is also mask conjunctivitis: let’s find out what it is.

Using masks is essential: it reduces the risk of infecting (or being infected) by more than half. However, their use also causes some (small) problems . Misted glasses and a slight difficulty in breathing are the most common examples.

In addition to these problems, improper use of the mask, in addition to increasing the risk of contagion, could lead to eye irritation : mask conjunctivitis. To shed light on this issue, was the head of Humanitas Eye Center and professor of Humanitas University, Paolo Vinciguerra.

Conjunctivitis: what is it?

Template conjunctivitis has characteristics similar to that of normal conjunctivitis.

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This term indicates an inflammation that affects the eyes. In particular, it affects the conjunctiva (hence the name), or the transparent membrane that covers the eye (cornea excluded) and the inside of the eyelids.

Characteristic symptoms are generalized eye discomfort , redness of the sclera and eyelid fatigue . The intensity of the discomfort can be more or less strong. However, it is good to intervene already at the first signs: there is a risk of worsening a situation that would otherwise be easy to resolve.

Template conjunctivitis: expert advice

Conjunctivitis, as mentioned above, is a form of irritation . The reasons that lead the latter to develop following the use of the masks are the circulation of the air coming from the mask not worn correctly.

Mouth bacteria , which have a specific function, can become very aggressive in contact with the eyes. It is for this reason that Professor Paolo Vinciguerra advises to intervene at the first signs and not to wait for fear of going to a crowded place. In fact, there is a real risk that the nuisance turns into a real bacterial conjunctivitis.

It is also important to be careful not to touch your eyes for any reason, except after careful hand washing.

How to wear the mask correctly?

Wearing the mask correctly is essential , it reduces the risk of being infected and developing other ailments, such as maskne (mask acne). Its proper use will also decrease the chances of developing a more or less serious form of conjunctivitis.

Template conjunctivitis
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To protect your eyes, just follow a simple process . After identifying the side that will go up, on the nose, bend the soul in the center and in two different points, which will vary according to the size of the face. These two points must correspond to the sides of the nose. By doing this, we will make sure that the mask adheres perfectly to our face and that the air cannot escape upwards and, consequently, that it cannot hit the eyes.

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