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Massage therapy: find out what it is, what it is for and how it works

Massotherapy massage

Massage therapy is a particular type of massage aimed at soothing muscle and other pains.

Massage therapy is one of the massage techniques. Specifically, it is based on a series of movements that are performed by the massage therapist on the patient’s body. Through the work on the soft tissues, it therefore helps to relieve pain often caused by different reasons such as stress, poor posture or particular trauma.

How massage therapy works

Massotherapy massage
Massotherapy massage

The patient who goes to the massage therapist usually comes from other types of massages or techniques and needs something different to relax and recover muscle tone. Essential factor in order to reduce pain. In general, massoteapia can be useful in case of rheumatic diseases, neck pain or motor problems. According to many, however, it is also useful in cases of cellulite, water retention and stress.

The massage is often practiced with the help of oils to avoid irritating the skin . It begins with the so-called brushing, which serves to accustom the body to subsequent stresses and continues with various techniques ranging from rubbing, pressing and kneading.

To be put into practice it is always good to have information about it from the doctor or physiatrist with whom you are being treated. Only in this way can you be sure of receiving the type of massage that best suits your needs.

Massage therapist: what it does and what benefits it brings to the patient

Usually massage therapy is practiced by the massage therapist who is a figure specialized in this type of massage. Through a whole series of techniques, chosen from time to time according to the patient’s needs, reverse results can be obtained. Among the many, the best known are:

– Better lymphatic drainage
– More performing blood circulation
– Secretion of endorphins
– Relief of pain
– General improvement of the muscles

Massage therapy has no particular contraindications. It works over time and in order to enjoy real benefits, it is often necessary to perform at least a dozen sessions. It is preferable to avoid it in case of pregnancy , oncological diseases in the area to be massaged, problems with blood clotting or surgery that has recently occurred. For any doubt it is always better to ask your doctor for advice.

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