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Maxi rings, as in summer also in winter: for the fingers it is time to shine

Swarovski blue crystal ring

Big, sparkling, vain: the rings for fall / winter 2021 want to steal the bijoux scene.

If necklaces and earrings prefer to be protagonists, always sparkling because it is officially the diktat of the season, but with a minimal chic touch with a see-through effect, rings instead are the bijoux piece where we can and must dare more. Perfect for a mix and match of bijoux that travel between maxi rings that we can also combine with others of different sizes, to be combined with a set of necklaces, thin bracelets and miniature earrings .

Maxi precious rings: the models of the cold season and how to combine them

Compared to the models we have seen depopulated in resin and plastic this summer, the winter ones are decidedly more sophisticated, tending to favor bright and sparkling nuances with cold shades . The one who brought about a real revolution in the concept of rings is undoubtedly Swarovski : on the occasion of a renewal of the brand’s design, even the rings, generally small, sparkling, simple or with charms inspired by nature or geometric, have become large and colorful. The color is in fact another great novelty, compared to the classic gold, pink gold and silver nuances to which the swan brand had accustomed us.

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The trend is therefore to wear precious stones and crystals that cover the fingers in a conspicuous way, often even more than one, but those who want to mix for practicality can do it easily, perhaps wearing only one large ring and one smaller on the same hand. Of course on special occasions or for evening looks, let’s feel free to dare even with more than two maxi rings and with maxi and showy precious stone necklaces, letting ourselves be inspired by the Swarovski look sported by Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, official ambassador of the brand.

Not just precious stones: Brosway, Stroili, Boccadamo

The rings take on a special meaning for each of us: there are those who choose precious stones of a certain color because they are linked to a philosophy, a mood or an aspect of their personality, and those who entrust their own to the language of the rings. desire to feel elegant to embellish your look. Showy but certainly more enigmatic with a tribal flavor are the Brosway Tailor models, perfect to wear even on a formal look to be enhanced with precious details.

Stroli crystal band ring
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Stroili, on the other hand, mixes the fever for precious stones with the trend of band rings: orange and gold, silver and blue, there are many combinations, a versatile checkerboard of colors that refines and makes any look refined. Boccadamo instead focuses on small sculptures to embellish the fingers : stars, geometries, hearts, butterflies, leather and grains, for those who love to wear showy rings that do not give up a touch of originality and fantasy.

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