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May diet: here’s how to lose weight before summer

May diet

The May diet allows us to lose weight easily, up to 3 kilos in a week, thanks to seasonal fruit and vegetables. Here’s how to do it!

It is possible to lose weight and lose excess kilos by eating the seasonal fruit and vegetables that we find at our trusted greengrocer. Now is the time to understand how the May diet, which is low in calories and allows us to lose even three kilos in less than a week, in fact, just follow it for only six days .

The diet in question is based on a plant- based diet, which is able to reactivate the metabolism , increasing its activity by up to 70%. Let’s find out how diet works and what to eat.

May diet: how does it work and what to eat?

The example of this menu lasts three days, after which it can be repeated, but it must not be followed for more than six consecutive days. Furthermore, before starting any diet, even the one in question, we advise you to seek the expert advice of your doctor to understand if it is a suitable path for your body.

May diet
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On the first day you can start the day by having breakfast with tea, coffee, half a glass of milk or low-fat yogurt, accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit. For lunch we eat green salad with a small wholemeal sandwich, while for dinner we choose a soup full of mixed seasonal vegetables , seasoned with oil and salt. Two fruit-based snacks , smoothies, juices or yogurt are allowed.

On the second day during breakfast and snacks you can eat as on the first day. While for lunch we eat a plate of grilled vegetables with a wholemeal sandwich and for dinner endive with other vegetables.

On the third day breakfast and snacks do not change, for lunch we eat a plate of chard, with carrots and potatoes. For dinner we eat a chicory soup . We also remind you to drink lots of water and to practice regular physical activity , even just one walk a day.

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