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Meghan Markle style: accessories and chic must-have garments to copy to the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle

Accessories and key garments for a casual and chic style: here are which to choose and how to mix them according to Meghan Markle.

Just like Kate, Meghan Markle also enjoys some attention from the social media audience: if the Duchess of Cambridge is a sold out champion for her ability to combine low-cost accessories and clothes with high-end fashion brands, the Duchess of Sussex offers different inspirations on how to enrich our wardrobe with key pieces that allow us to create a casual and chic style . A suggestion that is very welcome for those who spend long days away from home, so as to be able to have impeccable clothing at work but also know how to be casual enough for an aperitif or for a dinner away from home. So here’s what we can copy in terms of accessories and garments from Meghan’s closet .

Meghan Markle: long coats and blazers, the must-haves of the casual chic look

It is not uncommon to see Meghan wrapped in soft coats : the favorite models of the duchess are generally those with a soft manufacture, double-breasted and to be tied at the waist with a belt. Elegant but without being too demanding, they easily combine with jeans , another essential item in Meghan’s wardrobe, as if to highlight her desire to combine class and simplicity.

– Like Kate, Meghan also has a certain predilection for blazers , and in fact cleared by customs for some years now as the perfect alternative to outdoor jackets, thanks to that casual cut that allows them to be worn even on informal occasions, how to blame her. Once again to combine with a pair of jeans, but also to choose in the blazer dress version, because if it were not clear among the accessories, the Duchess loves belts very much !

Casual chic accessories: classic black hats, scarves and pumps

In addition to belts, Meghan also has a penchant for caps , mostly classic and feminine models that have made history: her favorite model is the 40s beanie which generally alternates with the 20s style cloche , worn together to feathers, flowers and even nets. Although perhaps these models are more sought after and may not appeal to everyone, the style lesson offered by Meghan is that wearing or carrying a hat, whatever our favorite favorite is, is certainly that attention to detail that makes even glamorous. the most casual of looks.

– Do not underestimate this autumn season above all, an accessory like the scarf , also one of Meghan’s must-haves. To be worn as a belt, as a headdress or as a scarf to wear around the neck, the variable temperature of the mid-seasons allows us to transform the scarf into a decidedly practical and refined pret-a-porter accessory.

– The secret to creating a casual chic look is to never overdo it with accessories, focus on plain colors and minimal shoes. A model of shoes that we can really wear how, where and when we want are the black pumps : in patent leather or in leather, they are a piece from which Meghan never separates.

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