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Melanoma: new discoveries to diagnose and prevent skin cancer!

Melanoma: new discoveries to diagnose and prevent skin cancer!

Melanoma: researches have made new discoveries to prevent and diagnose skin cancer, increasingly widespread and dangerous!

Melanoma is one of the most widespread and dangerous skin cancers. It often becomes lethal if diagnosed too late. It is very common due to environmental reasons and some lifestyles.

The Italian National Institute of Health developed a new study based on an algorithm which can calculate the level of aggressiveness of a cancer cell and its metastatic potential. Doctors can use this discovery to detect various types of cancer. In addition, it can prevent and diagnose the disease in time.

Melanoma: treatment, diagnosis and prevention of skin cancer!

The new study was published on the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research. The authors are the researchers of Department of Oncology and molecular medicine of the National Institute of Health.

Melanoma: new discoveries to diagnose and prevent skin cancer! Photo source: Facchiano, coordinator of the study, declared: “For the first time, we have demonstrated the benefits of measuring the aggressiveness of cancer cells with functional methods. We calculated how much some specific cellular mechanisms work, rather than simply measure the presence or absence of certain biomarkers, like researchers usually do”.

Thanks to this study, experts have found a way to diagnose and prevent in time skin cancer, which is one of the most dangerous. The causes of the disease are one’s lifestyle and the influence of the environment. The study found that by inhibiting the Tnf (Tumor Necrosis Factor), with a specific antibody, you can considerably reduce the aggressiveness of the melanoma.

This is not the only cancer news of the last period. In fact, researchers recently discovered an antibiotic that can cure and greatly reduce breast cancer. The research is still ongoing, in order to understand if it can also be used for other pathologies.

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