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Melanoma: what it is, how it forms and what to do to recognize it

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Melanoma: what it is, how and why it occurs and what are the symptoms that it is important to pay attention to.

Melanoma is a cancer that usually affects the skin and more rarely the eyes, mouth and genitals. Despite being among the least common, it is the most aggressive and is only of the malignant type. It is visible to the naked eye and in most cases it evolves from an existing mole that begins to rapidly change in shape and size.

Melanoma exactly what it is and when it occurs most easily

As already mentioned, it usually originates from a mole that already exists and begins to change shape becoming a malignant tumor.

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It generally occurs more easily in subjects with a very fair complexion and therefore sensitive to the sun. It can be distinguished in:

– Superficial melanoma: which originates from a mole and almost always has a very slow course .
– Nodular melanoma: which is the most aggressive form and presents with a sort of colored dome.
– Lentigo maligna: so-called melanoma of the third age that appears mainly on the areas of the face.
– Acral freckled melanoma: not related to sun exposure and present on the hands and feet.

Melanoma: the symptoms that it is important to recognize in time

When it comes to skin melanoma, the most important thing is to be able to recognize it in time so that you can intervene immediately.

Despite being asymptomatic, malignant melanoma has several characteristics that fall under the siga ABCD. These are:

– The asymmetry of the form.
– The uneven edges .
– Variable color.
– The dimensions that increase both in width and in thickness.

In general, for a correct diagnosis, in the case of moles that change or new formations, it is always good to contact a doctor quickly who will be able to evaluate how to proceed from time to time.
In the event of a diagnosis, the ways to intervene are different, ranging from surgery, radiotherapy to immunotherapy.

What makes the difference is precisely the speed of intervention , which is why it is always advisable to monitor the health of your skin as often as possible and avoid undergoing solar radiation without adequate protection.

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