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Melon diet: lose weight and fight retention


Everything you need to know about the melon diet. How it works, what you eat and how to lose weight without sacrificing taste.

Melon is a typically summer fruit and rich in beneficial properties. Often the protagonist of the table thanks to the flavor that lends itself to both sweet and savory, this fruit is particularly suitable for those on a diet. A portion of 100 grams only contains 33 calories .
Furthermore, the presence of water makes it a thirst-quenching food and particularly suitable for those suffering from water retention.

How the melon diet works

The melon diet is the ideal choice for those who want to lose a few pounds or keep fit by eating something sweet and fresh at the same time. Rich in antioxidants, it is also a food that is good for health and that, among other things, satisfies quickly.

Just combine it with lean proteins to obtain a fresh, light and satisfying meal, perfect for those who are on a diet but also want to satisfy the palate. In order to lose weight by eating melon, however, it is important to follow some rules:

– Follow a balanced diet
– Do regular physical activity
– Prefer whole grain cereals
– Do not exceed in quantities
– Always keep yourself hydrated

The melon diet: the menu to follow

The melon diet can be followed without particular restrictions, as long as the fruit is distributed in the various meals of the day, avoiding to exaggerate with the quantities.

In the morning you can then start with green tea without sugar to which to combine Greek yogurt and a fruit salad including melon . For snacks you can make a melon-based smoothie with which to combine dried fruit.

At lunch you can choose between pasta and rice as long as they are whole and combined with lean vegetables and proteins. In the case of a salad, the melon can be inserted inside, otherwise a couple of slices can be eaten at the end of the meal. If you go to the beach you can opt for a wholemeal sandwich with tomato and mozzarella, leaving the melon at the end.

At dinner, however, to stay light you can opt for the classic melon with raw ham or, alternatively, with mozzarella.
Those with a sweet tooth can make melon-based ice cream , replacing it every now and then to the quantity provided in the various meals.

It is good to remember that melon can be discouraged if you have stomach problems or if you have diabetes. In addition, eating in large quantities can lead to electrolyte imbalances. For this reason, before inserting it in your diet it is preferable to hear the opinion of the doctor.

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