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Messy bun: the most beloved hairstyle and the unhealthy trend of autumn!

The messy bun is the most loved hairstyle by the French and it’s going really well this season. Here’s everything you need to know!

In terms of hairstyles and hair-the French are the best to launch the mode. In fact, the latest trend in beauty, especially hair, comes from France and is the messy bun. However, to get a french girl bun perfect, you have to follow precise rules.

This hairstyle is the trend in hair for the cold season, in fact, is going very fashionable during the autumn and will continue to be present even to the winter of 2019. It is quick and easy to make at home, without having to go necessarily to the hairdresser, and also you will always appear chic, refined and elegant, even if it is a bit disheveled.

The messy bun is the hair trend of the cold season!

This hairstyle, although disheveled hair, will not make you never look vulgar, but always refined. It is a chignon, which can be high or low, depending on your preferences, but slightly disheveled. The three basic rules are: have the hair, do a soft bun, and bring the hair to the sides and slightly unkempt.

David Mallet, the best hair styilist in Paris, he explained that it would be better to do this hairstyle without the use of the brush, but only with the aid of the hands to make it even more chic. The make-up perfect with this hairstyle is on the tones of the nude.

Messy bun
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How ever, this hairstyle is so popular? Of course, one of the accomplices who launched the fashion is the beautiful Meghan truman gates, which often leads the hair collected in this way. Of course, she never goes unnoticed, even if its a little dishevelled he did discuss.

In addition, we have seen many models, influencers and personalities from the world of entertainment with this hairstyle. For example: Lily Rose Depp, Jeanne Damas, Caroline de Maigret, Vanessa Paradis and many others.

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