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Meta method: how the new weight loss protocol works


The Meta method is a weight loss diet that is based on fundamentals different from the usual ones. Let’s find out what they are and how it works.

The Meta method is a way to lose weight from a different point of view than usual. If you generally only care about cutting calories (including empty calories ) to get to weigh less, the approach is quite different here. According to the meta protocol, the diet to be followed is based on the search for a total state of well-being of the person who wishes to improve. Which includes learning to accept oneself even before having reached the desired physical shape .

The Meta protocol for weight loss

Let’s start by saying that the meta weight loss method is suitable for anyone because, instead of relying on standard rules, it focuses on the person.


The final goal is in fact to carry out a transformation that is not only physical but also psychological and aimed at feeling good about oneself. It is a method that therefore makes use of different phases and many experts ready to work as a team for the well-being of the person.

But how does the Meta diet work? The various phases in fact provide, first of all, an awareness of the patient’s strengths and weaknesses. What is added is also a study of the person and an analysis of his DNA made from a sample of saliva. In this way, the foods that can cause problems of various kinds are immediately identified and others that, on the other hand, will be positive in the weight loss process. Once the diet has been established, the patient is never left alone: ​​in fact, he is also followed from a psychological and physical point of view.

The “package” also includes a sort of dietary re-education, useful to ensure that once you have reached the physical form in which you feel good you can continue the maintenance independently. At this stage, all the information on how to prepare foods will also be given which, in addition to being healthy, are also greedy and pleasant to eat.

Then follow the definition of a new look that involves both the way of dressing and the make-up and haircut with which you feel most comfortable.

Monica Germani: the diet method

The Meta method was created by Monica Germani, a nutritionist whose mission is to restore an identity to the body of her patients, and all through the study of DNA and the above steps. A path that she herself defines as complex but at the same time decisive and therefore capable of transforming itself into the last (and most effective) diet to be done.

Once you have found the shape you are comfortable with and learned how to eat healthily and naturally, keeping fit and feeling good about yourself will be a breeze.

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