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Metallic taste in the mouth: what are the causes and how to fix it

bitter mouth

Metallic taste in the mouth is a problem that can have very different causes. Find out which are the most important to know and how to fix them.

When you find yourself feeling a metallic taste in your mouth, the reasons can be many and varied. What is certain is that the taste of blood in the mouth is particularly annoying. This is why we always try to find a solution to the problem. To do this correctly, however, it is necessary to start by identifying the possible causes in order to act on them to eliminate the metallic breath forever.

Taste of blood in the mouth: the most common causes

The taste of blood in the mouth can have several very different causes .

bitter mouth
bitter mouth

Among these, the most common are:

– Poor oral hygiene

– Allergies (such as nickel )

– Taking medications


– Gastroesophageal reflux

– Excess iron in the blood

– Pregnancy

– Burning mouth syndrome

Sour saliva

– Exposure to chemicals

– Kidney problems

– Epileptic attack coming

Senile dementia

– Chemotherapy

These are just some of the possible causes.
In order to identify the exact reason why you often have the sensation of blood in the mouth, it is therefore necessary to contact your doctor. In this way it will be possible to perform all the necessary tests to trace the triggering cause and understand how to move.

How to avoid ferrous breath and metallic taste in the mouth

While waiting to discover the causes and find ad hoc solutions to solve the problem at birth, it is possible to implement small strategies useful to calm the unpleasant sensation you feel.
Among the many are that of quitting smoking if you are used to it and eating crackers or citrus fruits, which can decrease the taste of blood.

Then there is the possibility of tasting spicy and spicy foods that can dominate the taste of blood.
You can then pay more attention to oral hygiene, brushing your teeth more often and brushing your tongue well. In this way the annoyance will lessen at least a little giving respite at least until you can act in a more concrete way.

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