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Metaverso Zara: the collection with Ader Error is also in virtual format

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Zara also sets out to create its virtual universe together with the Korean brand Ader Error: the colossus ever closer to Gen Z.

After the first steps taken by high-end brands such as Gucci, Burberry and last but not least Balenciaga , the giant and first Inditex signature is also looking to Gen Z , launching its first virtual fashion universe . For some years now, Zara has been taking different directions to enrich its offer not only in terms of products and collections but also in terms of strategies aimed at innovating its communication channels. Thus was born a universe of customizable avatars thanks to the South Korean app Zepeto , which for the same mission has already collaborated with Nike, Ralph Lauren and Disney.

Zara and the metaverse shared with Ader Error: the AZ Collection is born

From the A of Ader Error to the Z of Zara, a collaboration and collection is born that not only arrives in physical stores but also comes to life in virtual format, inaugurating Zara’s first experience in the metaverse. The Inditex brand explained that it is “A collaborative project that defines a new generation based on the identity and uniqueness of each individual, focused on the ability of language to express ideas, generate other ways of thinking and create new cultures “. In fact, the collection incorporates all the letters of the alphabet, as a strong creative image, offering looks that characterize the daily style of young people.

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The peculiarity is therefore to be able to play thanks to the dedicated app with the pieces of the collection, which will then be appreciated online, also choosing prestigious avatars such as the model Mica Araganaraz, to then be viewed in physical stores. The dominant colors are orange, yellow, navy blue and black, for a line with a very pop impact.

What are the must-haves of the AZ Collection and where to buy them

The style of the AZ Collection is basically sporty, a streetstyle collection with tech connotations, which focuses on winter must-haves such as oversized down jackets , patchwork vests, large scarves, wool hats, backpacks, glasses and caps, all the essentials of one casual and pret a porter style. Already available and purchasable online both on the Zara and Ader Error websites, prices start from € 39.95 up to € 239 .

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Sweatshirts and t-shirts are certainly the identifying garments of the collection, with the AZ Collection logo in plain sight or with the letters of the alphabet, precisely to express all the creative potential that emerges from this collection that merges the two identities, definitely different, of the two brands.

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