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Methods to disinfect fruits and vegetables in a natural way

Disinfect fruits and vegetables

Let’s find out how to best disinfect fruit and vegetables in a natural way, a class of foods essential for a healthy diet.

Fruits and vegetables are a fundamental part of our diet. By providing essential vitamins and microelements to our body, they help prevent the formation of various ailments and pathologies. However, their usefulness does not prevent them from coming into contact with germs and bacteria .

For this reason, disinfecting fruits and vegetables is particularly important . Especially considering that we are talking about foods that are often eaten raw . In today’s article, we are going to discover three methods that allow you to clean fruit and vegetables naturally .

Disinfect fruits and vegetables with essential oils

Also known for their antiseptic properties, essential oils are certainly a valid alternative when it comes to disinfecting fruit and vegetables in a natural way.

Essential oils
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In particular, we are talking about tea tree essential oil , an extremely effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. To be able to clean our vegetables, just add a few drops , about 4 or 5, in a basin full of water.

Clean the fruit and vegetables using water and then let the products soak for a few minutes. Once finished, rinse them under running water and they will be ready to be consumed.

Baking soda

Maybe not many people know, but baking soda is an excellent disinfectant . To disinfect your fruit and vegetables, get a container full of water and add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.

Then, carefully clean with your hands and, at the end of the process, let it rest in water for about ten minutes. Once everything has been rinsed off, your food can be used.

Use vinegar to disinfect fruits and vegetables

Another product found in many kitchens, and suitable for disinfecting fruit and vegetables, is apple cider vinegar . In addition, in addition to eliminating bacteria thanks to its organic compounds, it helps to prolong the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

To obtain the desired effect, immerse fruit and vegetables in a container full of water containing a part of vinegar (the ratio should be approximately 30% vinegar and 70% water). After letting your vegetables rest for about twenty minutes , clean them carefully, rinse them and that’s it.

Furthermore, it is possible to put the water and vinegar solution inside a spray bottle and use it to kill the bacteria present on the fruit and vegetable peel . The latter method is certainly faster . However, it is less effective : use it only on products that are already partially clean.

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