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Mézières-Bertelè method: the massage to rebalance your body and free your emotions

Mézières-Bertelè method: the massage to rebalance your body and free your emotions

Sometimes your incorrect posture or the headache that torments you are symptoms of a general discomfort.

The Mézières-Bertelè method relaxes muscles and cures contractures through professional massages. It considers the body as a collection of elements linked to each other and as the mirror of emotions and experiences. This method considers the body as an armor containing emotions. It is not possible to correct the posture if you do not act on the whole complex of joints and muscles, as well as on the well-being of the person in general.

How the Mézières-Bertelè method is born

Françoise Mézières was a French physiotherapist who developed the concept of “muscle chain”. She stated that body muscles are tightly bound together, almost overlapping themselves, to form 5 chains. When one of these changes, it generates dimorphism, that is a deviation from their normal form. This change acts directly on the joints and influences the way you move and the postures you take. Mézières claimed that the best way to cure this problem was massage sessions, to lengthen the muscle chains and restore them to their correct shape. Therefore, her method not only acts on pain, but also tries to rebalance all the muscles involved in the incorrect posture.

Laura Bertelè, an Italian doctor and psychologist specialized in physical rehabilitation, also gave her contribution to the method. She was one of Francoise Mézières’ students  and then her assistant. During their collaboration, she sensed that they had to study the role of the mind in controlling the body. She concluded that the body is the mirror of a person’s emotions and experience. In 2015, she founded the Scientific Society Bertelè’s Method to safeguard its proper application. On its webite, you can find the statute and the list of members qualified to practice it. In addition, Laura Bertelè’s Apostle Foundation constantly monitors the scientific results of the sessions. Through a special ultrasound software, it assesses the deformation of a muscle before and after treatment.


Muscle pains: all the natural remedies

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If you hurt one of your ankles, you will tend to not to use it and to walk in a different way from the usual, probably in an incorrect way. As days pass, you may find that pain has also involved your knee and your hip. This is because the lack of movement of a joint must be replaced by another one, which will work more. As a result, it can become inflamed.

Not only, an incorrect posture or bruxism may be symptoms of a deep discomfort or suffering.

As you may have already guessed, the Mézières-Bertelè method is a very useful treatment if you suffer from scoliosis or other spinal deformations, or if you want to prevent them. Moreover, it can also help if you suffer from bruxism, headaches (or rather, tension-related headaches) or cervical. It is recommended especially during certain periods of life, for example during adolescence, pregnancy and post-partum. In general, it helps alleviating contractures and maintain correct posture.

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