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Midnight snacks: what to eat if you are hungry

Midnight snack: what to eat if you are hungry

When you feel hungry at night, you need to choose the best foods for your snack, in order to feel full without gaining weight!

Very often, when you take care of your weight, for dinner you eat a lot vegetables but not enough proteins. In this way, you ingest less calories, but there is the risk of feeling hungry, especially before going to bed! Therefore, what to do to feel full without gaining weight? It is simple, especially if you known the best midnight snacks!

The best diet midnight snacks

Having a light dinner is the most common remedy to keep our silhouette. We feel good about ourselves, especially if we have eaten a dessert! This is a responsible behaviour, but… what to do if you wake up at night or cannot sleep because of hunger?

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In those moments, you tend to just open the fridge and eat the first thing you see, vanishing all the effort you have made to follow a healthy and balanced diet. However, you can solve this problem by knowing exactly the best foods to keep in your pantry or fridge in case of sudden night hunger.

The first food is milk. A glass of it is enough to give you the right proteins and to make you feel immediately full.

Among the healthiest snacks, you can choose (in great moderation!) dried fruit, especially almonds. They contain minerals, vegetal proteins, essential fatty acids and fibers. It is not just a way to feel full, but also to get rid of your desire for sweets.

Finally, chips lovers can replace them with carrot chips. What are they? It’s easy: they look and feel like normal chips, but they are made with carrots. You can slice and bake them with a drizzle of oil: they are the perfect diet snack!

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