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Mindful eating: how to start consciously eating

woman with salad

Mindful eating is a different way of approaching food to eat with awareness and live better.

Mindful eating was born as a protocol designed to help people regain possession of a conscious and balanced way of eating. In fact, more and more studies show that eating the wrong way or with unsuitable foods creates a whole series of problems both from a physical and psychological point of view. Problems that can lead to weight gain, nervous hunger attacks and a sense of restlessness. Changing the way of thinking and therefore of approaching food would therefore help to heal the relationship one has with food . So let’s find out how mindul eating works and how to experience a whole new way of eating.

Mindful eating: how to choose foods

One of the main aspects of mindful eating is the choice of food which, in addition to being healthy and nutritious, should also be good. In this way, in fact, we will feel satisfied with what we eat and this will avoid making us perceive the need to eat even outside meals .

Fortunately, there are several superfoods that in addition to being rich in properties are also greedy. These are just some of the most famous and appreciated:

woman with salad
woman with salad

– Avocado
– Blueberries
– Pomegranate
– Turmeric
– Beets
– Cocoa
– Honey
– Quinoa
– Walnuts
– Green tea
– Salmon
– Ginger

Mindful eating: the exercises

To approach mindful eating there are several exercises that can be put into practice easily. It is in fact a series of rules to be applied daily and to be made one’s own in order to internalize them in order to change the mental approach one has with food. Among the most important are:

– Always ask yourself about the actual sense of hunger
– Choose foods that are healthy but also good
– Prepare meals with love
– Arrange and choose dishes that are pleasing to the eye
– Take time to eat by focusing on food
– Eating involving the five senses
– Chew slowly
– Savor every single bite

There is also more than one book on mindful eating, and each of them addresses the subject from different points of view. All interesting for those who really want to renew the relationship with food.

The benefits of mindful eating

Now that we understand how to approach this new way of eating , let’s discover together what are the benefits of minful eating:

– Greater awareness of food and of oneself
Weight loss
– Psycho-physical wellbeing
– Less anxiety about food
– Improvement of some pathologies
– Reduction of binges

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