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Minimal sparkling nail art: nice manicures for winter 2019!

Minimal sparkling nail art: nice manicures for winter 2019!

Directly from the social networks, here are the best minimal sparkling nail arts you can copy for your winter 2019 look!

We know that Instagram and all other social networks are the springboard for beauty inspirations. What are the new trends in manicure for 2019? The minimal sparkling nail art will be very fashionable for the coming winter.

This trend involves festive nail polishes, gel, glitter nail art and much mor. The only constant will be the base, always on the tones of nude or pink. Let’s find out together the most beautiful nail trends for the next cold season.

All the minimal sparkling nail art for winter 2019!

Minimal sparkling nail art: nice manicures for winter 2019!

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The basic rule for a perfect manicure during the cold season is: minimal sparkling. This means that your nails will always be simple, on the basic shades of nude or pink, which are always fashionable.

Moreover, your nails will need some sparkle. A touch of glitter or a particular detail will give you the wow effect. During this season, you can still wear the holidays color, such as silver, white and gold.

In order to surprise your friends, you can also wear a matte black nail polish with glitter. Or you can choose the classic red in all its shades, always fashionable. For a very chic and elegant look, you can choose gel in all the shades of pink, with some gold glitter, on one or more nails.

Also very fashionable: dots and lines on the nails with a transparent base. You can choose whatever color you want! Try also striped nail art and animal-print nails! Do not miss glitter, diamonds and tiny applications in many shapes.

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