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Mint: properties, side effects and usage

Mint: properties, side effects and usage

Did you know that mint helps losing weight? Find out all its beneficial properties for our body!

Mint is a common spice used in many recipes, thanks to its fresh flavor and intense scent. This plant is also widely used in cosmetics and hygiene because of its refreshing action. There are many varieties, but the most famous one – especially for recipes – is peppermint. Let’s find out everything about its properties!

Mint: benefits

This plant has thousands of virtues: it has been used for ages as a remedy to fight different health problems. For example, it ha antiseptic properties, thanks to its content of polyfenols. Its analgesic action made this plant an amazing method to fight headaches.

Moreover, mint is an anesthetic. If you rub it on your skin, it causes a temporary vasoconstriction, followed by a vasodilation, producing an interruption of the pain stimulus. According to this same principle, it also works as an antiemetic on the stomach. That is why this plant fights vomit and nausea.

Menthol stimulates gastric activities, promotes digestion and has a carminative action, reducing the problem of intestinal gas. Furthermore, it is a very refereshing substance that can be useful against bad breath. Finally, it soothes cough, colds and problems of the respiratory tract.

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Does this plant make you lose weight?

As we mentioned before, this plant helps the digestive process. But does it also have a slimming function? According to some studies, menthol has burning-fat properties, because it stimulates the transformation of white fat tissue (that is the fat that settles on our belly or hips) into brown fat tissue. The latter activate thermogenesis, a process that eliminates fats.

Therefore, mint has a fundamental role in a slimming diet. Remember that it also contains a few calories: just 44kcal in 100 grams of fresh product. This means you can eat them without thinking too much about it!

Mint: side effect and usage

People suffering from gastritis and ulcers, pregnant women and people with thyroid problems should be careful when it comes to eat this plant.

How to use this tasty spice in your recipes? Other than season your favorite foods with its leaves, you can also prepare an amazing mint herbal tea, that has relaxing and digestive properties!

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