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Miracle diet: the newest detox food regime to quickly lose weight!

Miracle diet: the newest detox food regime to quickly lose weight!

The miracle diet is the new detox food regime to quickly lose a few kilos during the Christmas holidays!

With Christmas also come great food binges, but the miracle diet will help you go through this period  keeping your silhouette. It is a detox diet to follow for seven days, based on cereals and herbal teas. It deflates the stomach and makes you lose those few kilos in excess.

However, it is not a diet that does wonders, as its name suggests. Anyways, it can help you lose some weight in just seven days. It also helps to purify the body and eliminate excess toxins. This diet was created by the nutritionist Robert Morse, and it has been very successful in the United States. Let’s find out how it works!

Miracle diet: how does it work and what is it?

This diet contributes to the elimination of water retention, that is why you need to consume large quantities of liquids. This can be possible thanks to herbal teas with fennel, mint, turmeric, and all those ingredients that also help to lose weight.

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The menu also provides large quantities of cereals, in addition to seasonal fruits and vegetables. These ingredients can speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body and eliminate excess fat. Thanks to the cereals and herbal teas, the miracle diet allows to lose a few pounds in excess in just seven days. For this reason, it is ideal to follow now, before the holidays.

The rest of the diet during the day is free, you can eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats at lunch or dinner. Obviously you need to eat healthy, have an active lifestyle and exercise. Even if it is just a 30 minutes walk every day in the open air. We also recommend that you see a doctor or a nutritionist you trust.

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