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Misophonia: what it is and how to heal it

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Misophonia is selective intolerance to certain noises. The symptoms to recognize it and the remedies to cure it

It has happened to anyone at least once in their life to consider some noises unbearable. This problem, if it occurs on exceptional occasions, can be considered normal. However, when it happens continuously, it can be a sign of a disorder called misophonia . This term is used to indicate a reduced form of tolerance towards certain noises such as snoring, chewing, etc … Strange as it may seem, it is a problem that can make life really unbearable for those who suffer from it.

Misophonia: the symptoms

Misophonia is a problem that can occur in a more or less serious form. It is a very low tolerance to certain sounds which can vary from person to person. Among the most common are that for chewing , snoring, hiccups, babies crying, clocks ticking, etc …

woman with pillow
woman with pillow

The symptoms, usually triggered by the presence of a sound perceived as unbearable, are:

– Bother
– Nervousness
– Feeling uncomfortable
– Urgent need to move away from the source of the noise
– Strong irritability
– Sense of growing agitation
– Uncontrolled anger
– Anxiety crisis
Panic attacks

Misophonia: how to cure it

Often those suffering from misophonia can have problems related to anxiety, depression, bipolarism or other types of disorders such as eating or obsessive compulsive. Although not everyone agrees today, many think that its origins are psychological.

To be able to cure it, first of all it is necessary to have a correct diagnosis that can be made by audiology experts, psychologists, psychiatrists and speech therapists.

Once the problem is identified, the ways to combat it are different and the choice often varies from doctor to doctor. There are, for example, sound therapy that should help make the sound you just can’t stand more and more bearable or behavioral therapy, used in psychotherapy.

What matters is recognizing the problem and trying the different approaches proposed to solve it. In this way you can regain possession of your social life without running the risk of constantly feeling uncomfortable or living with the anxiety of finding yourself in the sudden presence of unwelcome sounds.

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