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Moschino has launched its makeup line with Sephora!

Moschino has launched its makeup line with Sephora!

The famous Italian maison has launched its very own makeup line: beauty addicts will love it!

When a big fashion brand like Moschino launches its makeup collection, it is impossible not to want to find out what it is about. In this case, we are talking about an incredible capsule collection with makeup products with original packages, more chic than ever!

But after all, how could Moschino not launch an original and surprising line? These beauty products have already caught the attention of a lot of beauty addicts… Let’s find out more!

Moschino and its makeup collection with Sephora

An extraordinary limited edition that includes few but amazing beauty products for your makeup, but not only! There is also a bear face mask, face highlighters that look like highlighter pens (can you believe it??), lip glosses and eyeliners shaped like markers.

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Moreover, the coolest piece of the limited-edition collection is the eyeshadow palette, shaped like…a MacBook! Beauty lover cannot resist this amazing line, but also the nerdiest ones will love it! Everyone will feel the urge to have every single one of these beauty products!

The Moschino + Sephora collection also includes pencil-shaped brushes with a black point. Finally, in order to take care of our nails and create a DIY manicure, there is also a Wite-out shaped nail polish, in opaque white. Therefore, you can start your makeup from scratch with all the products of this line!

The best part about this new collection is that it is not that expensive, so everyone can afford it. Just scroll through the Sephora website and find out! It seems that so far, the line is available only in the United States and in Canada, but we hope it will be soon available worldwide, because we know everyone already wants to try it!

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