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Mosquito bites? Find out the best remedies against the itching!

Mosquito bites? Find out the best remedies against the itching!

Although you tried keeping them away with some trick, mosquitoes bit you anyway? Let’s see which remedies you can use in case of their annoying bites!

In summer, we always find new insects in our houses. Some of them are more harmless than others, while others are just very annoying, such as mosquitoes. They are more and more aggressive and dangerous, therefore it is important to know how to protect ourselves and the best remedies when they have already bit you.

Remedies against mosquito bites

The best methods to get rid of the itching come from nature. Maybe you are already aware of some of them, while others can be a nice discover!

  • Toothpaste. It is better if it contains menthol. Apply it on the mosquito bites and let it act for 10 minutes: the fresh feeling should soothe the itching.
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  • Honey. It is gentle on the skin and rich in antibacterial substances, therefore it is good to get rid of the problem.
  • Aloe: this product is well known for its soothing properties. Apply aloe vera to get rid of the inflammation! You can grow the plant yourself or buy practical sticks!
  • Lavender essential oil. It soothes and freshens. Apply it with a cotton ball or a Q-tip.

How to keep mosquitoes away?

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if botany is your passion, you can start growing all those mosquito-repellent plants. We are talking about geraniums, all the herbs (you can also use them in your recipes!), lemongrass, marigold and lavender. They are natural, non-toxic and give our balconies a nice look, other than keeping these annoying bugs away!

Anyway, a mosquito net is always useful, as are specific scented candles. If all of this is not enough or you do not have a green thumb, it is better to choose the classic repellents. There are different types available, even natural ones. You can choose among sprays, sticks and practicals napkins you can keep in your purse!

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