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The main goal of the Arnold Ehret’s program is to eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and allow it to cure itself from every illness.

Mucus is a fundamental component of the body, which uses it to expel foreign substances. However, its excessive production may cause different health problems. Starting from this idea, during the last century, Arnold Ehret outlined the principles of the mucusless diet. His goal was to find a way to purify the body and allow it to independently heal each type of disease.

Of course, it’s not so simple: science has already demonstrated that the Ehret’s diet does not have magical healing powers. Yet many people have decided to follow this food regime. If you want to detoxify and eliminate the toxins in your body, you may want to try the diet without mucus for a few days. Let’s see the rules to follow.

What is mucus?

The term mucus refers to the substance produced by the respiratory system, the digestive tract and the reproductive system mucosa. It has a specific task: catching foreign substances (dust, bacteria, etc.), and removing them from our body.

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According to Ehret, the mucus holds inside the body those dangerous substances such as viruses and bacteria, threatening our health. Furthermore, the creator of this diet considers mucus also elements such as cholesterol.

In particular, in his opinion, we should eliminate the intestinal mucus certain foods produce. Only in this way our body would be able to absorb properly food nutrients.

The mucusless diet: foods to eliminate

In order to follow the mucusless diet, you need to eliminate all those acidifying foods, which cause inflammation and, therefore, increase the production of mucus. Among the foods to avoid there are rice, pasta, starchy foods, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, fish, and cold cuts.

In short, the Arnold Ehret’s food regime is vegan and has several elements in common with fruitarianism and raw foodism. You can eat all the foods that help dissolving mucus: oil seeds, vegetables and raw fruits, mainly citrus fruits, dried figs, raisins and nuts.

Finally, Ehret recommended to match the diet with some cleansing practices such as bowel cleansing, to eliminate mucus more quickly. If you want to try this diet, remember that it does not make you lose weight, although it can happen. Its main goal is to restore the self-healing functions of the body.

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