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Mushroom diet, how to stay young and protect the intestine

fillet meat

Mushrooms are a typical food of the autumn period, rich in fiber and antioxidants. Let’s find out what are the benefits they offer to the body.

The mushroom-based diet is a typically autumn diet because, in this period, many varieties of mushrooms ripen. Obviously we are referring only to the edible types of this food, as there are some very dangerous ones .

In any case, the diet allows you to take advantage of all the properties of mushrooms, such as the presence of vitamin D which strengthens the bones and vitamin C, a very powerful natural antioxidant. But let’s find out what are the benefits of mushrooms and their nutritional contents.

Mushroom diet: the benefits

Among the many benefits that the mushroom diet offers, in addition to the presence of vitamins C and D , we can find the high content of minerals. It should also be said that, thanks to their nutrients, mushrooms have an excellent antioxidant effect, in particular manganese and selenium are important. These two compounds are excellent allies to counteract free radicals and, consequently, slow down cellular aging.

fillet meat
fillet meat

But the minerals present in mushrooms do not end there and if you decide to follow this diet you can also benefit from calcium and phosphorus, essential for strengthening teeth and bones . Finally, the role of potassium should also be emphasized, which helps to control and stabilize blood pressure, averting the risk of hypertension and preserving the health of the heart and circulatory system.

Varieties of mushrooms: what are they?

As we have anticipated, the varieties of mushrooms are many, and not all edible. This is why it is very important to seek advice from experts before consuming them. In any case, the different types of these foods vary according to the macronutrient content and in general we can distinguish mushrooms: raw mushrooms, raw pleurotes and raw porcini.

Mushroom diet: sample menu

Now that we understand the benefits of the mushroom diet, let’s discover an example of a menu that can be followed. It should be known that this diet also imposes rules for breakfast , so it is advisable to consume coffee with skimmed milk, wholemeal biscuits and seasonal fruit. Alternatively, you can also choose milk and whole grains, or maybe some muesli, and an orange juice.

For snacks and snacks, on the other hand, a slice of bread with light cheese, or strictly defatted raw ham , wholemeal biscuits and seasonal fruit are recommended. As for the lunch of the mushroom diet, the dishes must include at least 125 grams of mushrooms and other mixed vegetables.

Alternatively or as a second course you can eat grilled chicken or fish, obviously accompanied by vegetables. Finally, the mushroom diet requires a single dish based on mushrooms to be consumed at dinner. It will then be possible to prepare mushroom-based recipes such as soups, soups or pasta.

Mushroom diet: tips and contraindications

Even if the diet based on mushrooms allows to protect the intestine and slow down the aging of the tissues, it is important to know that they are not very easy to digest . For this reason it is vital to consume this food only if you have precise information on its origin and edibility. If you are not an expert, it is better not to go for mushrooms alone. In any case, before embarking on the mushroom diet it is important to ask your doctor for advice.

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