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Music therapy: what it is and when it is particularly useful

Music therapy is a treatment that helps improve different aspects of a person’s life through music. Let’s find out more about what it is and when it is useful.

When we talk about music therapy we mean a real musical therapy, put in place in order to help those who need it to improve aspects such as communication , expression, motor skills and everything that normally has to do with the sphere. personal and social.

To obtain good results, not only music but all its elements are put into play, choosing from time to time what works best for the individual. It is therefore a modular therapy that is based on needs and results that change from time to time according to the person and circumstances.

Music therapy: definition and use of this therapy

The definition of music therapy, according to the world federation of music therapy, is the professional use of music. This occurs through all its elements and is mostly carried out in the medical, social and educational, group and family fields. That is in those situations in which the aim is to improve the health , the way of communicating and the psychophysical well-being of the individual. In general, music therapy is divided into active and receptive.

doctor playing
doctor playing

The first deals with everything that is equivalent to making music and therefore involves singing and the simple emission of sounds through the use of musical instruments or, sometimes, even objects. The second is instead linked more to listening. Listening intended as a way to activate memories and emotions and to help, if desired, to pass to the active phase in a spontaneous way.

There are five clinical models of music therapy, all aimed at helping those who need it in a different way. The choice to use one rather than others and to help yourself with the passive or active mode obviously depends on the operators .

For those who prove particularly useful the application of music therapy

That music is good for the soul is something everyone knows. Closely linked to emotions , it has long been used to calm down, to find comfort or to share important moments together. Its use in the form of therapy is obviously more specific and can prove useful in different contexts.

It is in fact helpful in case of physical, psychological or psychiatric problems. And it is of great help for genetic syndromes, autism problems and even senile dementia.
Although it has not yet been recognized as a medicine, it is therefore increasingly used as an accompanying method aimed at helping patients on their individual journey.

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