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Naboth’s cyst: what it is and how it is treated

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Naboth’s cysts are benign growths found on the uterine cervix. Let’s find out why they form and what to do when they appear.

When we talk about Naboth’s cyst we mean a type of benign growth that forms in the uterine cervix. Also called cervical cyst, it is the most common of those that can form in this area and does not involve any type of risk for the patient. The formation is usually due to obstruction of the excretory ducts of the glands found in the cervical mucosa and which can occur following cervicitis or other inflammatory problems . More present in women who have had children, they are usually so small that they are noticed by chance and almost never for pain or symptoms related to them.

Naboth’s cyst: symptoms

As for the cervical cyst, the symptoms are mostly nonexistent .

In most cases, these are in fact discovered practically by chance.
For this reason they are not a reason to be alarmed. Unless they cause problems such as preventing sexual intercourse or the correct execution of a pap smear or other diagnostic tests, they are therefore ignored and simply monitored at each visit.

medical examination
medical examination

It is therefore enough to be checked annually by your gynecologist to continue to lead a peaceful and worry-free life.

Cyst of Naboth: care and removal

As already mentioned, these cysts (which are mostly very small in size) should not cause any kind of concern and tend not to give any sign of their presence. For this reason, there is no cure for them. However, when they are numerous or risk limiting gynecological checks , the idea of ​​removal can be considered.

There are several methods for this. Among the most important are cystocenetesis (an evacuation puncture), laser therapy, dermatological cryotherapy and diathermocoagulation using a high-frequency instrument. The method must obviously be chosen together with your doctor and evaluated on the basis of your personal condition and preferences regarding the methodology to be implemented. However, these are always simple and decisive interventions .

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