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Nail biting: why you should quit it and some efficient methods to do it!

Nail biting: why you should quit it and some efficient methods to do it!

Biting your nails is a bad habit, mostly caused by stress. It can cause problems not only to your fingers, but also to your teeth and gums. How to stop? Here some effective remedies!

Irritability, stress, lack of self-confident or childhood traumas can cause nail biting. This habit can cause health and aestetic problems. Nails carry bacteria, germs and virus and biting them can damage your teeth and gums. Quitting this habit can be difficult, but with some simple remedies you can!

How to stop biting your nails

When you are at home, you can use band-aids. Apply them on your fingertips, so you cannot bite your nails. Obviously, change it regularly. Another natural remedy is aloe. This plant has many benefits, but tastes horrible. For this reason, if you rub one of its leaves on your nails, they will taste bitter and we would stop biting them. If you don’t have this plant, you can also use onion or garlic. If it is cold, wear gloves. In this way, you can’t bite your nails.

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Other than following these remedies, it is fundamental to call on our willpower and patience. We need to learn self-control and how to manage the situation every time we feel the urge of biting our nails. Another efficient but expensive remedy can be nail art. With nail polish on, your fingers will look nice and you will not want to ruin them!

Another thing you can do is to take care of your nails and make them grow long. Naturally long nails require time and effort, but this goal can make you stop biting and ruining them!

Why you should not bite your nails: damages and risks

If willpower is not enough, maybe it will be useful to understand the reasons why nail biting causes damages and risks you can avoid. First of all, remember that bacteria and dirt nuzzle under your nails: every time you indulge in this habit, you eat them! Other than being unhealthy, it can damage your teeth and gums, infect you with diseases or make your nails never grow anymore!

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