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Nail mycosis: what it is, how to recognize it and what are the remedies

Dermatological examination of the feet

Nail fungus is a disease that depends on the presence of a fungus. Let’s find out how to recognize it and how to treat it.

Nail mycosis is a rather difficult problem to eliminate, which depends on a fungus and therefore can be transmitted even by simple contact. Typically, the fungi that cause it form in humid environments and can transfer to the hands and feet. In most cases the problem tends to occur on the latter as circulation is less strong and perspiration is often lacking.

Nail mycosis: how to recognize it

Dermatological examination of the feet
Dermatological examination of the feet

Both toenail mycosis and fingernail mycosis can be recognized by the color change around the fingers.

The nail, in fact, tends to change color becoming white, yellow or brown / black. The shade it takes depends on the type of fungus involved. In any case, the surface of the nail will gradually become thicker and then begin to flake off. In cases of onychomycosis of the big toe, it often happens that the nail ends up “jumping”.

Nail mycosis: remedies to be put in place to cure it

Nail fungus is not serious but can be particularly annoying and painful. They can also become dangerous in people with HIV or diabetes.

Fortunately, in addition to the various natural remedies to eliminate it , there is a simple one that can be purchased at the pharmacy, or the antifungal. To be sure of getting the right drug, a dermatological examination is recommended: only by understanding which fungus has attacked the nails can it be eradicated in a more than effective way.

Not to mention that in the most persistent cases , the doctor may also suggest an oral type therapy to be associated with the cream one. Typically, such a therapy should take effect in a week or at most ten days. Once the problem has been solved, it is obviously advisable to take care of your hygiene, avoid using too tight socks or shoes and change them often. Furthermore, if you usually go to hot and humid places, it is good to never go barefoot and wash your hands very often. In this way it will be possible to avoid that the mycosis returns to present itself.

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