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Nail shape: which one to choose among the many types?

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Rounded? Almond? Let’s see how to choose the right nail shape, based on your needs and the shape of your hands.

When we prepare to do the manicure , we dwell for a long time on the choice of the color of nail polish to use, neglecting a much more important element: the shape of the nails. We don’t pay much attention to it, but the form, as well as the substance, wants its part.

To choose among the many types of nails it is not enough to rely on the latest trends, you must also consider their characteristics . However, not everyone knows in detail what these shapes are, and even fewer know which ones to choose for their manicure. Here’s everything you need to know.

Forms nails, gel and reconstruction

Obviously the shape of the nails must be done with the reconstruction with gel , which can also be done in a DIY way, but it is advisable to contact a beautician. This technique also has many advantages: it lasts up to 4 weeks and makes the nails thicker and more resistant. Here are the most popular forms in reconstruction:

How to choose the shape of the nails

As mentioned, the nails in the beauty routine of each are very important, and choosing the shape is one of the peculiar characteristics. Here’s which one to choose depending on the type of hands and fingers you have!

Square (or square) nails

The square shape is one of the most popular, especially by those who choose to do a gel manicure with nail art. Perfect for both short and long nails, it is to be avoided if the fingers are not very tapered, as it could make them stubby. In addition, square nails are very delicate, because the sharp corners are easily broken.

Round (or rounded) nails

Rounded nails are perfect for those who suffer from their brittleness. This shape, in fact, is less exposed to breakage than the square one. It adapts well to both short and long nails and also looks good on those who do not have tapered fingers.

Oval nails

The oval shape is the most classic, suitable for both tapered and slightly squat hands. It works best on very long or medium length nails. It requires little maintenance and does not expose the nails to the risk of breaking. If you are undecided between the oval and the square shape, you can choose squoval nails, that is square, but with rounded corners.

Almond nails

Almond nails are similar to oval nails , but are slightly more pointed. They recall, in fact, the shape of an almond. This shape helps to slim and lengthen the fingers, but it requires very long nails.

Stiletto nails

Pointed gel nails, also called stiletto nails, are extremely pointed, much more so than almond nails. Getting this shape on natural nails, without breaking them, is impossible, you have to resort to gel reconstruction.

Ballerina nails

The ballerina shape, or coffin, resembles the stiletto one, but has the final part of the square toe. Again, it is better to resort to gel reconstruction.

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