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Natural anxiolytics: which ones really work and how to use them to live better


Natural anxiolytics: let’s get to know them and understand which ones are working in the right way and how to use them to get the desired effects.

Natural anxiolytics are a good way to relieve difficult-to-stand anxiety states without necessarily having to resort to the use of drugs. To obtain good results, however, it is important to learn how to choose among the most effective and able to alleviate the problem specifically.

Natural anxiolytics: which ones really work and without side effects

When you want to relieve continuous anxiety states that are considered harmful to your health, you can resort to natural tranquilizers. These are usually less strong than drugs, allowing for a freer and more addictive intake.


These are usually based on plants which also boast calming properties among their properties. Obviously, since each state of anxiety is different from the others, there is no remedy that is good for everyone. In some cases, therefore, it may be useful to try more than one before finding the one that you think is more in line with your feelings.
That said, among the effective natural anxiolytics, the ones that must definitely be remembered are:

Lemon balm which, in the form of herbal tea, helps to relieve all types of tension by facilitating sleep.
– Lavender, which also acts on mood by improving it.
Matcha , which gives a sense of relaxation and balance useful for fighting anxiety states.
– Rose oil known for immediately giving a sense of relaxation.
– Passionflower which, taken in drops, helps to calm anxiety in the long term.

How to best use anxiolytics

Now that we have seen what natural sedatives are, it is good to remember that, for each person , there is a specific dosage and that this must be understood over time. The advice is to follow the limits indicated on the package or by the herbalist and always start with the lowest quantity and then gradually increase (if needed).

Obviously these are natural remedies which, nevertheless, should only be taken for cases of sporadic anxiety. When the problem persists it is in fact advisable to seek help in order to know its origins and learn how to work with it also from a psychological point of view.

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