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Natural beauty products winter 2020: the best ones to know against the cold

natural beauty products

To feel good and take care of ourselves there are natural beauty products for the winter that can protect our skin and make us even more beautiful!

Winter has the bad habit of drying out our skin, of favoring chapping or redness caused by the hot-cold impact. This is why the precautions to take care of our body must increase by using the best natural beauty products for the winter.

From clay masks to fabric masks, from foot bath with paraffin to the use of castor oil and henna. Let’s find out which are the best products to choose and use immediately!

Natural beauty products winter 2020, which to choose

To give a natural aid to our skin during the coldest part of winter there are natural products that are a real cure-all for beauty. Which? We are here to discover them all! First of all, as effective skincare for oily skin we take note of the fabric masks, fast, valid and do not dirty anything.

natural beauty products
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For those who have more time, the classic clay masks that purify the skin, shrink pores and eliminate black dots are perfect. In particular, we recommend Cattier’s ready-to-use green clay in tube (€ 10.60) and the La Saponaria micronized white clay bottle (€ 8.40) for more sensitive skin.

Once held in place for a sufficient time, and clean the skin well, just use a serum rich in vitamin C to keep it fresh, soft and smooth! An example is that of Bio Cosmesi di Florence , the Face Serum with 100% Pure hyaluronic acid (€ 17.90). Instead, to soften and moisturize hands, feet and even elbows, the paraffin bath is the ancient technique that is right for us.

The best product is that of Beurer who, with only € 62.49, also provides the thermoregulatory container in which to immerse hands and feet. It is a liquid paraffin wax which, after immersion, is created on the skin and must be covered with the film supplied. This will ensure absorption and penetration into the pores with healthy, smooth and truly nourished skin!

Hair care products

The best products to help the hair regain its shine, its thickness and the right softness are those based on castor oil. Perfect for healthy skin packs , 100% pure cold-pressed castor oil from Biologique (€ 10.99) and Organic Castor Oil from Bionoble (€ 13.98) are prepared for this purpose.

Finally, a revitalizing henna treatment for hair is also very effective . It is recommended to choose a neutral henna, to avoid color problems, and to make a turban with film to keep the compress warm. So it will be even more effective and the result truly amazing!

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