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Natural remedies against car sickness

Natural remedies against car sickness

The best grandma’s old remedies to prevent and fight car sickness: use natural products with soothing and anti-nausea effects!

Your car is definitely more convenient than many public means of transport. However, it is necessary to consider car sickness. Generally, children not used to travel or people with weak stomach suffer more from this disorder. In any case, it is important to pay attention to what you eat before travelling and take some precautions during the journey.

Thanks to grandama’s old remedies, you can calm the feeling of nausea in a few seconds without having to get out of the car. There are also little tricks to improve your journey: let’s see what they are!

Car sickness: grandam’s old remedies

Natural remedies against car sickness

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– Bring with you a scented handkerchief. Pour on it five drops of lemon, mint or eucalyptus essential oils and sniff it every now and then. The smell will make you feel better and will take the feeling of nausea and dizziness away .

-Chew some ginger during the car journey. Bring a handful of candied ginger pieces and chew them every time you need. Alternatively, prepare an infusion of ginger with fresh mint leaves to sip every now and then.

How to prevent car sickness?

The first thing to do when you travel with your car is to moderate your meal before the departure. The ideal is to eat something light like fruits, white bread or breadsticks. Choose fresh fruit and not that in syrup,  or it will ferment. Avoid pasta or heavy dishes, because they are more difficult to digest.

At the same time do not leave with an empty stomach. Eating nothing does not help. If you are hungry but you are also nauseous, your journey will not be nice.

Moreover, never sit in the backseats. In this way, you will have a better view and you will not feel curves and car jolts that much.

Absolutely avoid using electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or video games, because tire the eyes and foster a sense of nausea even in non-sensitive subjects.

– Finally, stop every 30/45 minutes to breathe clean air and oxygenate your brain.

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