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Natural remedies against cellulite: the best homemade draining herbal teas

Natural remedies against cellulite: the best homemade draining herbal teas

Is it possible to fight cellulite with homemade draining herbal teas? The answer is yes: here’s how and a list of the best herbal teas.

Cellulite affects many people and in particular women. Genetic factors are responsible for it, but fighting cellulite is possibile with a specific diet and physical exercise. Anti-cellulite herbal teas can be excellent remedies, because they may have specific effects such as improving our metabolism and promoting the elimination of excess liquids.

Let’s find out more, because anti-cellulite herbal teas really work!

Effective anti-cellulite teas: the best ingredients

How do you make draining and anti-cellulite herbal teas? It’s easy: use the most recommended herbs to fight water retention. The best ingredients are dandelion, couch grass, fennel, red vine, birch and horsetail, but you can also use best-known herbs like basil, mint or bay leaves.

Green tea and citrus fruits herbal teas are also effective, thanks to their Vitamin C level which helps fighting inflammation and strengthen immune defences.

tisane anticellulite

The best homemade anti-cellulite herbal teas

As mentioned, there are really useful ingredients against this problem. Which are the best homemade herbal teas?

Birch and fennel herbal tea. Birch is ideal to fight water retention, while fennel helps reducing swelling. All you have to do to make this tea is leaving the ingredients to infuse for a dozen minutes. Drink it twice a day for a perfect draining effect!

Red vine tea. Among the most effective infusions there is red vine tea. This plant has a direct effect on capillaries, increasing their permeability and strengthening their vascular connective tissue. Drink this tea twice a day on an empty stomach. Just leave some dried red vine leaves mixture to infuse for about 10 minutes.

Horsetail herbal tea. This plant has draining and mineralizing powers. To prepare this drink, let horsetail infuse for 15 minutes and drink two cups per day. This tea is perfect for those who suffer from low blood pressure, and it also tastes delicious!


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