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Natural remedies for phlegm: how to fight it in the best way


How to eliminate phlegm with grandmother’s marvelous natural remedies: fumigations, decoctions and gargles to free the respiratory tract

In case of flu , cold and fat cough, the formation of phlegm in the throat is almost inevitable. Grandmothers from generation to generation have handed down super effective remedies that can relieve inflammation and clear the airways. Of course, in case of bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and, in the unfortunate hypothesis, Covid-19, you must contact your doctor to get the right treatments.

These traditional remedies are natural supplements to add to your doctor’s care, or to use as relief or prevention. Among the secret ingredients, we find lemon , an excellent disinfectant and ginger , a powerful anti-inflammatory. Let’s find out more and see what are the foods that help dissolve phlegm.

How to dissolve phlegm with fumigations


A real cure-all against phlegm are the fumigations . You can do them twice a day for about fifteen minutes and you will immediately feel better. These help not only to dissolve the phlegm, but to relieve a sore throat and open the nose. Boil a liter of water and pour it into a basin where you will add some baking soda . For a stronger action, add essential oils such as eucalyptus or lemon to the boiling water.

Then get a towel that you will use to isolate yourself in the room. Sit on a chair and place the basin in front of you. Lower your head towards the water, bicarbonate and oils and cover your head with your head. At this point, start breathing deeply for about five minutes. Repeat several times a day to benefit from it.

Decoctions based on ginger and lemon against phlegm

A true miracle to dissolve phlegm and counteract inflammation is ginger . To make the most of its benefits, prepare a decoction. Bring some water to the boil and add the pieces of ginger, lemon zest and fresh sage towards the end. These three ingredients together will have a portentous action for the well-being of the throat and slowly the phlegm will begin to thin.

To this decoction you can add lemon juice , an excellent disinfectant and natural anti-inflammatory . You will immediately feel a pleasant sensation of relief in the throat and will be able to breathe better.

Other wonderful (and natural) remedies for phlegm

To disinfect and dissolve, another super effective remedy is to gargle with lemon or apple cider vinegar . Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and pour it into half a glass of water. Alternatively, you can use a quarter of a glass of vinegar and add the other three quarters to the water

To have a ready-to-use remedy, prepare a DIY ginger, honey and lemon syrup that you can keep and drink whenever you need it. Blend 20 grams of fresh ginger with the juice of three lemons and half a liter of water. Boil the three ingredients until the mixture becomes creamy and pour it into a jar to be kept in the refrigerator.

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