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Natural remedies to strengthen the immune system

Strengthen immune defenses

Our immune defenses are continually tested. They can, in fact, be weakened by numerous factors: not only the classic ones, but also stress, for example.

Our immune defenses are continually tested. They can, in fact, be debilitated by numerous factors: not only the classic ones, such as the changes of season that bring with them various ailments, but also for example stress , excessive sedentary lifestyle, an incorrect diet and insufficient night rest.

In such situations it is easy for our body to be affected by various pathologies. Fortunately, nature comes to our aid with a series of remedies : beneficial foods, herbal teas and infusions, and of course green supplements such as Immuno available on the Fitosofia shop. A healthy lifestyle is essential to strengthen our body’s defenses against pathogens!

Fitosofia and its herbal products

Strengthen immune defenses
Strengthen immune defenses

The e-commerce we have just mentioned, Fitosofia , was born with a very specific purpose: to provide for the health of customers with effective and ecological solutions , which derive exclusively from raw materials of controlled origin.

The brand’s vision is based on a fundamental assumption: the botanical world , with its extracts and active ingredients, is a precious accomplice of human wellbeing . All the preparations offered by the company are obtained from plants or in any case from natural elements , and are completely free of dyes, flavors and synthetic additives.

The Phytosophy team knows perfectly the properties of plants , but is committed with constant studies and research to achieve increasingly cutting-edge results. The floristic specimens are collected only in the most pristine areas, in the periods of the year when their maturation is complete.

The brand’s vast and transversal catalog includes both supplements and mother tinctures, cosmetics , essential oils, medicinal herbs and much more. Traditional organic farming is combined with innovative methods, for an excellent result in every respect.

Immuno: an ally supplement for our health

Previously we mentioned Immuno : a supplement specially designed to support our immune defenses. Its composition makes it excellent for preventing many diseases , of a viral and infectious nature, and in general to restore the balance of our body .

In addition, this product is even useful for combating seasonal allergies and in the context of flu prophylaxis. Immuno is made from 100% “green” ingredients: colostrum , organic donkey milk, lysozyme , beta-glucans, lactoferrin and mineral salts such as selenium and zinc.

Each of these substances is known for its marked positive action. Colostrum, for example, is rich in vitamins and possesses an extraordinary immunological capacity; lactoferrin is in turn antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant, and is therefore also able to slow down the formation of free radicals which are responsible for tissue aging.

And what about lysozyme , which causes the destruction of many pathogens? Immuno is an exceptional remedy to protect our body and to fight seasonal ailments . Consider that it is often recommended in case of Retrovirus, Herpesvirus and Papillomavirus!

Donkey milk

The Immuno recipe also includes donkey milk : a concentrate of beneficial and nutritional properties . This extract has been appreciated since ancient times, and is today one of the most popular in the branch of aesthetics, cosmetics and wellness .

This food is good for the stomach , throat, skin, bones and clearly the immune system . In fact, it is one of the best solutions to strengthen the physical defenses against viral pathologies: it is a perfect immunostimulant and immunomodulating agent , and it is ideal for reducing the risk of getting sick during climatic changes.

Donkey milk purifies the liver , is the enemy of gastritis, cures coughs and keeps the skin young and soft. Helps to regulate blood cholesterol levels , and to limit the danger of cardiovascular problems. It not only protects us against viruses and bacteria , but it promotes our health from any point of view!

Foods that support the immune system

A good supplement, like Immuno, must be associated with the right diet . After all, our body suffers greatly from a wrong diet, based on junk food , fats and refined sugars.

So what are the foods recommended to support the immune system? At the first places there are undoubtedly fruits and vegetables : in particular, citrus fruits are a source of vitamin C, facilitate the absorption of iron and help us significantly in the prevention of seasonal ailments .

Not least dried fruit (especially walnuts and almonds), which provides us with high doses of vitamin E and is also a valid antioxidant. In addition, experts suggest often consuming fish such as salmon , which increases human immunity thanks to vitamin D and omega-3.

To feel better in general, and to face the days with more energy, you should eat mushrooms , sweet potatoes and yogurt frequently. The low-fat milk is excellent, it balances the bacterial flora and is rich in probiotics. Finally, although some may turn up their noses, garlic is an ally of our well-being and is incredibly effective against infections.

How to make herbal teas that strengthen the immune system

Proper nutrition and the use of natural supplements must be combined with adequate hydration . All professionals recommend taking about 2 liters of water daily; in addition, there are some very useful ingredients for the preparation of infusions for strengthening the immune defenses .

As we have already said, the world of botany supports us against various viral and bacterial diseases and offers us many remedies to improve our physical conditions. There are many herbs with immunostimulating properties: for example we remember the dog rose , full of vitamins such as A, C, E, PP, B1 and B2.

In the list we also include echinacea , used for several excellent herbal teas for the immune system. It is antiviral, bacteriostatic and able to increase the activity of immunocompetent cells . Without forgetting the horsetail , or “horsetail”, which remineralizes the bones and reduces the sensations of tiredness and exhaustion.

Finally, turmeric is nothing short of beneficial because it counteracts the progressive wasting of cells and hinders the aging processes . It can be used both for infusions and to season a series of dishes.

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