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Neck pain: causes, symptoms and remedies


Cervicalgia, more commonly called cervical, consists of a series of pains in the neck area. Here are the causes, the remedies and how to cure and prevent it.

If you suffer from pain in the neck, you will probably have noticed it immediately, since this discomfort located at the neck , but which can often spread to the shoulders and upper limbs, is decidedly annoying and difficult to bear. Let’s find out more about the causes, symptoms and main remedies for this problem.

Cervical: the causes

Technically this pathology is called cervicalgia , and consists of an inflammation of the cervical, or near the cervical vertebrae. The causes are different, and they can be of different nature . Here are the most common:

– Bad posture
– A shot of cold
– Low sleep quality and bad rest
Stress and consequent stiffening of the muscles
– Muscle fatigue
Sedentary life

Clearly, the pain can come from one or more causes, and if these are our bad postural habits or recurring factors, such as sleeping always with the same (and unsuitable) pillow, the cervical is possible to manifest itself several times and which gets worse over time .

According to some studies, then, this pain could be linked to organs including liver and gallbladder. For this reason, it is recommended to eat a correct diet: bitter vegetables such as artichokes, thistles, radicchio, etc. I’m the one for you.

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Cervical: symptoms

In addition to pain in the affected area , the inflamed cervical can bring complications, such as cervical headache, labyrinthitis and others. Here are the most common symptoms of this disorder:

– Neck, back, shoulder and arm pain
– stiff neck
– Headache
– Nausea
Tingling (mostly felt from the shoulders down)

Other rarer disorders can be, for example, cervical tinnitus: tinnitus is a very complex pathology, the precise causes of which are still unknown , and it consists of a buzzing or whistling sound that is perceived in the ear. It seems, according to some studies, that these two problems could be connected .

Close contact may be between cervical and dizziness. But how can an inflammation of the neck muscles affect our sense of orientation? The stiffening of the area appears to create pressure that prevents the veins and arteries from maintaining proper blood circulation. The consequence would be, in fact, a strong sense of dizziness.

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How to cure the cervical: the most effective remedies

Is there a cure for the cervical? There are certainly many methods that can be applied right away to improve one’s condition and decrease aches and pains. The advice that we give you, in any case, is to consult your doctor or contact an osteopath or physiotherapist, who can thus analyze the seriousness of the situation and advise you on which path to follow.

In the meantime, there are many precautions that you can take, including natural methods such as herbal teas, herbs, proper nutrition, essential oils and much more.

Another excellent cure is to practice specific cervical exercises: correct postures, neck movements and much more. One of the easiest ones is the following: stand upright and tilt your head once to the left and then to the right. You can also imagine drawing numbers with the tip of your nose , one through ten.

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