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Negative energies in the house? To be sure you just need … a glass of water!


Sometimes dark, unexpected thoughts and sadness make our home environment full of negative energies that affect us and those around us. But we can eliminate them … with water!

Unexpected things often happen in daily life, unexpected things that make us take away the smile and, with it, the good mood. Unfortunately, this greatly affects our home making the environment sad and full of negative energies that will attract others in turn. How then to detect them and eliminate them once and for all? Simple, with water! An ancient remedy for purification, a glass is really enough … Let’s find out how to do it!

Eliminate negative energies from the body and home with water

Sadness, abandonment, bad mood, stress… are all normal and frequent emotions in the life of each of us. Unfortunately, however, there are those periods in which the unforeseen events seem to continue and tension or sadness on the agenda. In these cases not only our psycho-physical well-being is affected but also our home which will be charged with negative energies. Then, you know, evil calls other evil and so in a sort of attractive charge we will magnetize other negative events. How then to solve everything?

alkaline water

No problem, because the remedy is there and it takes very little! First of all we need to detect the presence of these evil energies in our home through the use of water. It has always been a remedy for purification and total well-being for mind and body. But not only that, it also helps at home, just a glass is enough!

First, we fill one and place it in the most frequented area or room of the house. If the next day the surface of the water presents bubbles then the negative energies will prevail. On the contrary, if clear, then the positive ones will finally predominate.

Finally, we must remember to pass cool water on the hands, wrists, neck and face. It will be a quick and easy remedy to purge us of negative influences and return to smile as before. Therefore, it takes very little to feel good and live in serenity : remember to face life head on and with positivity . And then, never forget the purifying power of water!

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