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Nervous cough: here’s what it is and how to treat it


Nervous cough is a type of cough which, as the name suggests, has psychosomatic origins but which is still important to take into account.

There are different types of cough and among these one of the most annoying is undoubtedly the psychosomatic cough. A problem that occurs with greater incidence among young people and that instead of having origins linked to problems of a respiratory type, it refers to problems such as anxiety or stress. This is why this type of cough is also referred to as a stress cough.

However, since this is a problem that can affect one’s lifestyle, it is important to understand what are the causes and the natural treatments that can be implemented to alleviate the problem.

Nervous cough: the causes


The symptoms of nervous cough are all related to the psyche of the sufferer. And, in most cases they depend on:

– Anxiety
– Difficulty of adaptation
– Unexpressed anger
– Low self-esteem

It is a need to be noticed and ascotated that starts from the unconscious and that comes with coughing that can be more or less continuous.

As already mentioned, nervous cough particularly affects young people , so much so that there is also a nervous cough in children. For this reason, it is important to seek medical attention when a problem of this type is suspected. Once it is ascertained that it is precisely a nervous cough it is therefore important to act, preferably with the help of a psychotherapist, to grasp the reasons triggered and resolve them.

Nervous cough: natural remedies

The nervous cough has different remedies that can be implemented and even if they are not decisive, they can give some relief . For example, it is possible to practice breathing or relaxation exercises, perfect to repeat when you feel anxious. According to some, even Bach flowers can help in this regard. In particular, Agrimony , Grose and Centaury should be considered.

Unlike the nocturnal cough, however, normal cough suppressants are not needed. This is why it is always better to find psychological support in order to move immediately in the right direction and cure the problem as soon as possible.

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