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The new beauty trend of this season is the pumpkin face mask!

The new beauty trend of this season is the pumpkin face mask!

The pumpkin mask is the new beauty trend for this cold season. It deeply regenerates, illuminates and hydrates the face skin!

With cold temperatures, it is easier to find delicious pumpkins at the grocery store. Obviously they are very good to eat and you can make delicious soups out of them, which are also perfect to decorate our home. But you can also make a fantastic pumpkin mask for treatments which make the skin unique.

This vegetable is full of benefits and properties. It nourishes and makes the skin really nice, soft and illuminated.Let’s find out together all the benefits of this mask and how to make it at home.

A pumpkin mask against blackheads, and not only: its benefits and how to make it!

This mask can make your skin beautiful, deeply nourishing, illuminating and hydrating it. It also has special properties that can almost completely get rid of or prevent face skin blemishes. Moreover, it fights wrinkles and aging signs, blackheads, pimples and many other imperfections.

In this way, pumpkin becomes our beauty ally and not only a food for puree soups and other delicious dishes. In the beauty world, this vegetable can be used not only make masks, but also for fantastic body scrubs. They help to counteract cellulite imperfections and moisturize the skin.

Maschera alla zucca
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To prepare the mask, cut a pumpkin in half and remove its seeds and peel. Then, bake it at 200 degrees for 40 minutes , and when it is ready let it cool. Once cold, blend the pulp. Take two pumpkin tablespoons and mix well with two tablespoons of cane sugar and one of honey. Your mask is ready to use, for your face and your whole body.

Rub it on your skin and let sit for about 30-40 minutes. Then, wash the area gently with water and moisturize your skin with a goodface or body cream. Before applying it, remember to try it on a small portion of your skin, to test for allergies.

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