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The new rainbow face mask is here and on Instagram everyone has it!

The new rainbow face mask is here and on Instagram everyone has it!

On social medias there is a new trend: posting your selfie while wearing a rainbow face mask!

There is a big news for all the beauty addicts, beauty product lovers and pink, glitter and unicorn fans. Wea re talking about the last, super Instagram-friendly trend: the rainbow face mask.

There are already millions of photos and selfies of girls who fell in love with it. The Nails Inc brand has launched the new Brighten up Sheet Mask, which is beautiful to see and has an extraordinary effect on the skin.

Everything you need to know about the new rainbow face mask!

The rainbow face mask was inspired by the song “Somewhere over the rainbow“, sung by Judy Garland in the 1939 film The wizard of Oz. It is a common tissue mask, but very colourful, with all the rainbow shades.

It is perfect to get lots of likes on social networks: many people have already posted their selfie while wearing it, during their beauty routine. This mask is ideal to have a perfect skin in just a few minutes.

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This mask can brighten your complexion and your day. It softens and hydrates your skin. Actually, it rehydrates and restores your face energies, giving your skin a healthy and glowing look. In fact, you can avoid the harmful tanning lamps and replace them with this product.

The rainbow face mask contains collagen, pearl proteins, hyaluronic acid, orange oil, and many vitamins. There are also many other masks famous on social medias, have you ever tried the black and the golden mask?

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