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New Year’s makeup: how to make a simple but effective one

New year makeup

Find out how to make a good New Year’s Eve makeup. Perfect to feel at the top without too much effort.

Knowing how to choose a good New Year’s makeup is the essential move to look your best in such a special moment and in which to be noticed with elegance . It is everyone’s dream. So let’s find out how to create a make-up that adapts to every situation and that is always able to enhance one’s image without exaggerating. All for a sophisticated result but not too much and above all perfect to greet the old year and welcome the new one.

How to wear makeup on New Year’s Eve: the steps to take for a perfect result

Make-up has always been one of the fixed thoughts on the last night of the year. Looking your best is in fact important for many and this regardless of how you choose to spend the evening.

make up new year
make up new year

How to act, then? One of the most important things to keep in mind is New Year’s eye makeup, which should always be particularly well cared for . In fact, emphasizing the look helps to look more beautiful and to feel more in line with the evening.

To do this, it is important to understand what is the ideal makeup for your eyes and learn to stand out by choosing colors to blend . Opting for gold or silver is always a winning choice, to which you can also add a color that you particularly love as long as it is in a sparkling version. Green light therefore to pearly pinks or whites rich in light to which you can add both the eyeliner and the inevitable mascara.

And for the rest? A bright lipstick and a good blush will be enough to make the makeup sophisticated but never heavy.

How to dare with New Year’s make-up: the rules for not overdoing it

A little like Christmas, even on this day you can dare with rhinestones to be applied on the eyes or even on the face.
What matters is understanding how far to go. To do this, just look at your dress and accessories. The trick is to focus on just one of these elements. If you wear something simple and have few jewels, you can therefore be more daring with make-up .

If, on the contrary, you are already wearing something flashy, it is better to stick to what we saw before without exceeding with particular additions. In this way you will be able to get noticed without smudging of any kind.

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