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New York Fashion Week remix: looks and styles to copy for summer 2022

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Layered fashion, style trials and experiments: New York Fashion Week tells us about the summer to come.

Autumn is now entering our cities more and more: somewhere the first colds are felt, the rains begin to animate the days, and perhaps dreaming of summer 2022 on the wave of the fashion shows makes us face the cold of year with more audacity. New York Fashion Week told us with its looks and colors of a summer that will love mixing outfits and playing with styles, simply surprising us in front of the mirror.

Layered fashion, retro and street style, you go back in time, this time with a nod to the 50s and 60s, because you want a summer that knows a bit of innovation and revolution, starting with your own wardrobe to nurture new ideas and perspectives.

New York Fashion Week: Michael Kors’ casual street style

This year, however, living with the pandemic but having taken steps forward compared to when we had to abandon ourselves to the lockdown-proof comfy style , street style is once again the catwalk of our days, between office, free time or a smart working all. around the world . So next summer, fashion dreams of it as a shimmering catwalk with glitter vibes that are summarized in dresses or sequined cut-out suits by Michael Kors .

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The bright details, however, are not limited only to the applications, because the colors also stand out, in the combinations and nuances, such as the trench + Bermuda look to wear with a pair of elegant shoes. A perfect match for a quick cappuccino in the morning, combined with a cropped top, in the office version instead a shirt or tank top is better.

Elegant, but also imaginative, leave room for imagination and dare with prints: Vichy checks will return, but also black and white checkered outfits, to be dared even in a total look. The sophisticated bra look and full or mini high-waisted skirts have also been approved: with the blazer you will have already created your sexy evening look.

From Carolina Herrera to Moschino: it will be the triumph of color

Carolina Herrera is one of the most loved fashion names by Letizia Ortiz and also by Kate Middleton: the designer is famous above all for her reds. Passionate, fiery, red will be the nuance that we will not be able to do without again next summer, to be combined with pink, white, black, for a brilliant and almost surreal effect. More summery than ever, however, is the mango nuance: a light, exotic orange to wear from morning to night.

Eccentric, daring, a riot of colors remains Moschino , which suggests a summer mood colored by prints characterized by flowers, butterflies and animals in cartoon style, looks that wink at the fifties with high-waisted crotch shorts and super tight jackets in delicate colors with an enfant nuance such as yellow, white and blue, combined with pied de poule and checked patterns.

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