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Night cough: why it occurs and how to cure it naturally

woman with cough

Night cough is a fairly common problem that can ruin a proper night’s rest. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to treat it naturally.

Anyone who suffers from coughing at night knows how this problem is much more complex than you think. Frequent nocturnal awakenings in fact lead to compromise rest and everything with unpleasant consequences during the day. In order to improve your performance and sleep well during the night it is therefore important to try to understand what are the causes of nocturnal cough in order to remedy it as quickly as possible.

Cough at night: the causes

First, it is important to keep in mind that there are different types of cough which can be summarized as:

– Dry night cough
– Oily nocturnal cough
– Irritating nocturnal cough

woman with cough
woman with cough

In general, nocturnal cough can depend on various factors such as cigarette smoke , irritation due to allergy problems or inflammation of the respiratory tract. Whether it is a continuous dry cough or an irritating nocturnal cough, the consequence is always that of a non-continuous rest that in the morning can lead to nervousness, distraction, and poor lucidity.

What are the natural remedies for night cough

Night cough can be relieved with some natural methods.
First of all it is good to try to facilitate the respiratory tract by avoiding smoking and making the air less dry. This can be done by ventilating the house.

Taking a shower before bed is another grandmother’s remedies that seem to work. Another efficient method is to drink warm milk with honey before going to sleep. In this way, in addition to reconciling sleep, it will give relief to the respiratory tract .

Obviously, you must always pay attention to your health. If within a few days no results are noticed, it is in fact advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion in order to understand if there are specific triggering causes and find together a cure to solve.

As already mentioned, in fact, sleeping properly is very important for psychophysical well-being and, obviously, for mood.

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