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Night snacks: what to eat if hunger looms


When hunger strikes at night you need to know how to choose the right foods, for night snacks, to nibble so as to satiate yourself without the risk of accumulating fat!

Often it happens to take care of your line with light dinner based on vegetables and few proteins. In this way the calories are contained but the risk of hunger attacks grows dramatically, especially before going to bed. So what to do to get satisfied without accumulating fat? It’s really simple if you know the right night snacks for the right weight. Here are the foods to choose for an immediate satiety without giving up or damaging your diet!

Diet night snacks, here’s how to get satisfied with taste

Light dining has now become the remedy for all those who want to maintain an impeccable line . It makes us feel with a clear conscience following that too much dessert or simply allows us to contain the calories taken during the day. So far nothing to say indeed much of a hat to those who can! The other side of the coin, however, is represented by hunger pangs that can strike late in the evening. They can wake up during sleep, prevent it or even shake it.

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So, in those ravenous moments, there is a tendency to open the refrigerator and to feed on the first thing that happens on hand. Here in the blink of an eye the efforts made to maintain a healthy and balanced diet were canceled: so much effort for nothing! But all this can be avoided by knowing what are the exact foods to keep in the kitchen in case of sudden evening hunger . First of all you can choose in peace is milk. A glass is more than enough to provide the right protein intake giving us satiety quickly.

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Healthy night snacks include dried fruit , especially almonds . Without exceeding their high caloric level, they supply minerals, vegetable proteins, essential fatty acids and fibers. Not only a way to get satisfied but also to eliminate the desire for sweet once and for all. Finally, for all lovers of snacks like potato chips, alas rich in fats, there are carrot chips. What are? Very simple, they resemble in shape and crunchiness to common chips but are based on carrots . You can prepare them in the oven with a drizzle of oil after cutting them into slices and satisfy the palate in an incredibly dietetic way.

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