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Non-alcoholic Mojito: the refreshing and fragrant drink!

Analcoolic Mojito

The non-alcoholic mojito is ideal for cooling down during the hottest days and is perfect for those who cannot or do not want to consume alcohol.

Here is a fresh and thirst-quenching drink, the non-alcoholic mojito. Well yes, if you didn’t know there is a variant of this famous cocktail of Cuban origins, which in its traditional version is prepared with rum. If you are a purist or a lover of this drink, before turning up your nose you must absolutely taste this alcohol free variant!

Surely among the most famous crushed cocktails, this is by far the most famous: the version we are going to prepare today, which is also called Virgin Mojito or Nojito, is perfect for preparing a refreshing drink for a party or a day spent outdoors , perhaps in the pool and with your feet soaking in the water. Different drinks can be used instead of alcohol, and usually a sparkling lemonade drink and tonic water are used.

You are ready? So let’s start immediately with the preparation of this simple and fragrant non-alcoholic cocktail: here is the recipe for the non-alcoholic mojito!

Analcoolic Mojito
Analcoolic Mojito

How to make non-alcoholic mojito

  1. Take the glasses (or prepare the cocktail in a jug) and pour the lime juice, mint and brown sugar.
  2. Pound all the ingredients using a mortar pestle , and once they are well crushed and the mint has released its aromas, put the ice in the glass.
  3. At this point, add the tonic water and lemonsoda, making sure to distribute them in equal parts. Pour everything well and decorate as desired with the lime slices and mint. Good drink!

Non-alcoholic mojito: the variants

If you don’t like tonic water, due to its bitter taste, you can replace it with sparkling water, even if the final result may be too light. In this case you can use the soda instead.

And for another more delicious variant , try crushing fresh fruit together with mint! You will make a truly original non-alcoholic fruit drink! In fact, you just need to enrich the preparation with some crushed strawberries, pineapples, or with peaches or any other juicy and seasonal fruit. This preparation of Nojito, in fact, is very neutral so you can really indulge yourself in the combinations of this non-alcoholic but not at all obvious cocktail .

Also try to make traditional mojito !


Of course, the cocktail, accompanied by ice and fresh fruit, should be consumed at the moment and as soon as it is ready. You can mix the liquid part in advance, leave it in the fridge for a few hours and complete the drink only when serving at the table or for an aperitif outdoors.

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