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Nori seaweed, all the benefits and uses of the well-known seaweed used for sushi!

nori seaweed

The nori seaweed, known above all for its use in the preparation of sushi, has many useful properties for the body. Let’s find out what they are and where to buy it.

Nori seaweed, or black buttert, is one of the most used products in oriental cuisine and in the preparation of sushi. However, this food has been present in the cuisines of China, Korea and Europe since the 1960s and is known for its properties. In fact, this food is extremely rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins that are very useful to the body. Also among its benefits can be found eczema prevention and peeling of the skin. So let’s find out all the properties and where it is possible to buy this product.

The properties of the nori seaweed

The nori seaweed is known for its qualities and, in general, we can say that it has a high content of proteins, minerals and Omega 3 . It is also necessary to underline the presence of vitamins, in particular of groups A, C and B. These elements increase the immune defenses and help counteract the action of free radicals.

Furthermore, the nori seaweed is rich in fatty acids and amino acids such as ariginine and taurine. The former give this product antiplatelet properties, antithrombosis , cholesterol-lowering agents, as well as the ability to stimulate hormone production. These substances are essential in the prevention of skin and stomach cancer, without forgetting that they relieve premenstrual syndromes.

nori seaweed
nori seaweed

The presence of tuarin then facilitates the proper functioning of the liver. While the content of trace elements , such as zinc, copper, selenium and iodine, prevents eczema and skin peeling.

Nori seaweed: where to buy it and how to use it in the kitchen

The nori seaweed is certainly the most popular and used that we have all seen at least once in its characteristic dark green sheets . However, few people know that the seaweed is red and, before being marketed, it is chopped, divided into metal containers and left to dry.

Generally this product is available in the form that we all know or in the one called kazami, more suitable for gaskets . In any case, this food, especially in China and Japan, is consumed daily by adults and children for its properties.

In the kitchen, on the other hand, the seaweed can be used to prepare maki, the classic rolled shape of a roll, or onogiri. In addition to sushi, however, this seaweed can be served as a side dish or to flavor pasta and soups. Therefore, if you want to buy this food, you can go to shops that deal with organic or ethnic products. As for the price, we can say that it is quite low and is around 4 euros.

The contraindications of the nori seaweed

Nori seaweed, like other types of foods, has contraindications and should not be consumed either during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. It is also better to avoid introducing this food into the diet if you suffer from metabolic diseases . In general, it is always best to consult your doctor before consuming it, also because over-dosage can have serious side effects, including hyperthyroidism, hypertension, tachycardia, irritability and insomnia.

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